Futures Unlocked - Helping People Out

Our mission is to support ex-offenders in leading crime free lives
and to improve their life chances.

  • Building safer communities.
  • Reducing crime.
  • Protecting the public.
  • Reducing the numbers of victims of crime.
  • Supporting ex-offenders.
  • Breaking the cycle of re offending.
  • Maintaining and increasing faith community involvement.
  • A holistic approach to work with offenders.


Community Chaplian required for Nottingham, Mansfield and Ashfield

Part time  22 hrs per week

Salary £ 24,000 per annum (Pro Rata)                                                      

The post is a fixed term contract of 7 months with the potential to extend beyond subject to funding.

You can help to reduce re-offending and make the local community a safer place. We are looking for a self motivated individual of faith to join our exciting new project ‘Futures Unlocked Nottingham, Mansfield and Ashfield’ as we support ex-prisoners, of any faith or none, with the process of re-integration into the community after a stay in prison.

Core duties are:

(a)       To provide practical support for ex-offenders returning to the local community.

(b)       Mentoring: The recruitment of volunteers from Faith Communities, to support ex-offenders.


To encourage Community / multi-faith community involvement in reducing re-offending by supporting ex-offenders.


The work will be in partnership with Criminal Justice Agencies and other bodies, in particular HMP Nottingham who are funding this contract. A base will be provided in the establishment; however the role will also involve working outside the prison.

The Community Chaplain, together with a team of mentors, supported by Futures Unlocked Leicester, will support ex-offenders returning to the Nottingham, Mansfield and Ashfield areas.

The successful candidate for the Community Chaplaincy post will have a passion to see lives changed. They will be confident, self-motivated and able to communicate well with a wide range of people. Good oral and written skills are essential. Experience in faith based community work and management/supervision of others would be an advantage.

Please apply in writing or by email for an application form to:

Futures Unlocked Nottingham, Mansfield and Ashfield,

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Futures Unlocked Rugby & Warwickshire 

Futures Unlocked Rugby & Warwickshire was launched in October 2010 under the direction of Community Chaplain, Jackie Oglethorpe. Click here for details

FFutures Unlocked Nottingham to be launched in Feb 2016 Futures Unlocked Nottingham to be launched in Feb 2016


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